Case Studies and Testimonials

Companies around the world and across industries – from Manufacturing and Construction to Healthcare and Education – turn to VelocityEHS and our MSDSonline solutions for easier safety data sheet / chemical inventory management. We believe our clients deserve sophisticated solutions that are easy to use, and we work hard to earn their trust, build respectful relationships and help them comply with hazard communication (HazCom) requirements under OSHA / WHMIS / GHS.

See what our clients say about the benefits of streamlining SDS management and regulatory compliance with MSDSonline solutions.

Ease of use. Removal of paper storage and filing. Automatic updates, particularly in the face of GHS. Employee access points at every computer. Ability to pre-make labels for bottles.

Brendon Frey TASUS Corporation

Ease of [use] and easy to provide for employees and clients who want to know how we handle MSDSs.

John Morton WILLBROS: T&D Services

Has been the best purchase that we have made. Could not ask for a more user friendly system.

Key Britt Greenwood Leflore Hospital

Professional and knowledgeable staff. Millions of MSDS already in database.

Louisiana Based Healthcare System

Easy to navigate for me and others. The updates are great and assure that we have the most recent SDS version.

Michael A. Pazzanese Liberty Utilities

Website is user friendly. Support Staff has always been professional and easy to communicate with.

Tennessee Electronics Manufacturer

A number of electrical utilities such as ourselves are using your system and all that I am aware of are satisfied. That's a stronger referral than just my name and company.

Kevin Fowler Dakota Electric Association

We love MSDS online. It really helped us organize our SDSs. It finally gave us a one stop shop at a reasonable price. Before we started our endeavor, we were going to four different locations. It also gives us an external web search that is priceless in the our time of need.

International Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Changed to your system from a different product. I have been extremely happy with that decision. The ease of use for myself and my employees has made this very easy to roll out. I look forward to being able to use your system with the training for the GHS training coming up.

Shely Albino Amphenol Times Microwave Systems

MSDSonline provides an easy, organized way for us to comply with requirements of the law.

Kathy Gearhart Copper River School District

Very helpful. The online tools provided by MSDSonline: 1) save me time, 2) save me effort, 3) keep me in compliance, 4) provide a seamless transition [to GHS], 5) provide seamless updating, and 6) contain seamless education capabilities.

Raymond Moore Wagoner Community Hospital

The system is easy to work in. Great customer service, ease of use of the program.

Wisconsin Plastics Manufacturer

Utilizing MSDSonline was one of the best decisions we have ever made regarding any type of product information and everyone with which we've dealt have been extremely prompt, efficient and courteous. This service is invaluable. The product updates are awesome and seamless. It saves us valuable time and the final product is priceless. We have actually recommended the service to several of our Sub-Contractors.

Darlene Armstrong Fleming Building Co Inc.

Easy access for those who need to research a particular product and easy to update new or existing products.

Canadian Mining Company

I have found MSDSonline to be a great resource and I was glad that my predecessor had selected you folks. With the GHS change, MSDSonline was way ahead of other companies in providing information and training.

Eastern Pennsylvania Electronics Manufacturer

It is a very fast and effective way to find what you are looking for, or to update any msds sheets that need updating. If I have question I would just call, but it is so easy to maneuver through and find whatever it is you are looking for. I am very pleased with this service! Thank you!

Three Year Customer North Texas Hospital

It has made my job more efficient and has helped employees to observe policies.

Steven O Paye City of Asheboro

Service level is great. The fact that I have not had to contact anyone at MSDSonline is a testament to the solid product you provide. No issues at all.

Tom Bieber Southern Oregon University

Have a great program that is easy to use. Very easy way to stay in compliance with MSHA and OSHA.

Wyoming Mining Company

The ease of creating the MSDS database for a company, and have it easily available for all employees and government/audit officials.

Wisconsin Food Manufacturer

Many governmental agencies use your service because it keeps SDS inventories current to keep them in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Central Arizona City Population 120,000

Your database is fantastic and the overall system makes MSDS administration easy!

Donny Shubert Dallas Zoo Management, Inc.

Flexible, convenient, easy to use and explain to the employees. Great time saver over the old paper system that had.  I am very happy with the experience; from building the file to the roll out to the employees.

Mike Fergurson Cope Plastics, Inc.

I used to manually ‘try’ to keep up with the new MSDS updates but that was a never ending task. As a matter of fact, I could have spent my entire 40 hr work week on it and probably still not have my MSDS’s up to par. What a wonderful service you offer. No more sheet protectors, messed up indexes, no more messed up manual altogether (employees or public) removing them and …

Valerie Centi Fulton County Medical Center

I love the software, it is easy to manage and updates automatically. I have no worries...great program.

Jennifer Yazzie Fort Defiance Indian Hospital

Grateful for this program. It is a huge timesaver and it's on the cutting edge

Denise Des Lauriers Jordan's Furniture

It is a great program to have, saves time, always up to date, no worries about the info or operations.

Western Michigan Furniture Manufacturer

Such an easy way to make sure we are compliant and have all our MSDS in one easy and accessible program.

Ontario Municipality Population 4000