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Incident Management Account

Our cloud-based Incident Management solution helps you better identify, understand and correct potential hazards in the workplace.

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Reduce Workplace Incidents

Get Ahead of the Injury and Illness Curve

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that roughly 4 to 6 thousand workplace fatalities and 3.9 to 4.5 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses occur each year in the United States. Employers who fail to maintain up-to-date and accurate records may find themselves facing citations and fines. Paper-based recordkeeping is costly and cumbersome, and sifting through file cabinets, folders, binders and spreadsheets is difficult and time-consuming.

Our powerful Incident Management Account enables you to centralize all of your incident data into one easy-to-use system, giving you a company-wide view of all your recordable and near-miss cases. You can leverage the system’s analytics to identify hazardous trends and proactively implement corrective actions, which can ultimately prevent accidents.

We’ve integrated the often disparate processes of Incident Notification, Case Management and Recordkeeping, and Followup into a single collaborative, cloud-based application.

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Now, there’s a quick and easy way to generate all of your OSHA forms 300, 300A and 301, Sharps Injury Logs and First Notification Worksheets.

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Incident Notification

Our Incident Management Account provides a number of features that help you promote broader safety participation across your organization.

A customizable Web-based Incident Notification Form provides employees with a simple tool to quickly notify you, supervisors or other key safety personnel of an incident. This speeds up the process of documenting cases and creates a culture of broader safety awareness.

​Our built-in Case Manager provides a single place to record, manage and track all of your workplace incidents in order to streamline compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1904 reporting requirements.

When you’re armed with better information, you can significantly impact your bottom line by improving productivity, lowering workers’ compensation claims and reducing the risk of non- compliance.

Case Management & Recordkeeping

Our easy-to-use Case Manager lets you create, search, view and update cases. A simple 4-Step Case Creation Guide walks you through the process of recording cases for any workplace occurrence so that you can consolidate and manage all of your cases in one place. You can attach related files (images, videos, notes, accident reports, etc.) to a case for a single point-of-reference.

At-a-glance icons appear for cases that are deemed OSHA recordable based on case types and incident details. This system ensures you enter all required incident data for filling out the appropriate OSHA Forms.

What’s more, once you’ve entered the case information, you can quickly and easily generate OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301, Sharps Injury Logs, First Notification Worksheets, etc. – all with a simple click of a button.

Followup & Corrective Actions

Powerful analytics provide in-depth risk and root-cause analyses to help you better understand trends, identify high-risk and unsafe working conditions, and measure the performance of your safety initiatives.

Built-in workflow lets you flag and assign corrective-actions for each case and schedule follow-up dates that are automatically populated into the applications Safety Calendar or your Outlook calendar.

Reporting tools let you generate easy-to-read and exportable charts and spreadsheets, which can be distributed to key safety personnel. Our unique safety-team interface allows employees to view departmental cases and trend information (in a read-only format with sensitive information suppressed). This gives employees a better understanding of the root causes for specific incidents as well as the risks associated with near misses.

Our Incident Management Account gives you everything you need to track, manage and report workplace injuries and illnesses in one convenient application.  All of this adds up to a safer, more productive work environment and ultimately provides a path towards a zero-incident culture. See a full list of Features and System Requirements below.

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  • Benefits
  • Features
  • System Requirements
  • Put your company on a path toward zero incidents
  • Quickly identify safety risks and hazard trends in the workplace
  • Simplify hazard correction efforts with built-in near-miss recording and reporting capabilities, high-hazard trend analysis and reporting tools, and corrective action workflows
  • More effectively push safety initiatives through your entire organization
  • Eliminate disparate and redundant paper-based recordkeeping processes
  • Lower costs associated with accidents and employee incidents
  • Save time and money in meeting OSHA compliance requirements
  • Incident Notification
    • Notification Form – Customizable Web-based form streamlines case management by enabling employees to notify key safety personnel of an incident; the form can be deployed throughout your organization via an easy-to-distribute Web link
  • Case Management & Recordkeeping
    • Case Creation Guide – Simple 4-step guide identifies what information must be recorded to meet OSHA requirements; built in intelligence ensures that all recordable information is captured
    • Case Search – Search by incident date, type, location, status or corrective actions
    • OSHA Recordable Flags – At-a-glance icons appear for cases deemed OSHA recordable based on the case type and information relating to the incident
    • OSHA Report Generation – Quickly and easily generate OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301, Sharps Injury Logs and First Notification Worksheets with the click of a button
    • Phrase Builder – Creates clear and standardized case descriptions for use in OSHA Form 300, other reports, and trend analytics
    • Employee Database – Securely stores employee information for quick access when creating new cases; encrypts sensitive information to ensure employee privacy
    • Physician/Hospital Database – Stores physician and hospital information for quick access when creating new cases
    • Incomplete Case Flag – At-a-glance icons appear for cases deemed OSHA recordable but are incomplete according to recording requirements
    • Annotate Notes – Post notes to a case for quick reference by others who need access to the case information
    • File Attachment – Attach images, files, videos or other information relating to a case
    • Case History Log – Comprehensive data tracking creates an ongoing audit trail of all changes, edits or amendments made to a case; tracks the date a change occurs and who makes the change
  • Followup
    • Trend Analytics & Reports – Case-type analysis, outcomes and contributing factors, incident location analysis, near-miss analysis, and sharps and needle-stick analysis all output into easy-to-read and distribute charts and exportable spreadsheets
    • Corrective Action Management Workflow – Create and assign corrective actions for each case and set follow-up dates that can be automatically populated into the built-in Safety Calendar or into an Outlook calendar
    • Safety Team Interface – Allows other employees to view departmental cases and trends in order to better understand the risks and root causes, but without the ability to change case data or view sensitive employee information
    • Case Summary Email – Attach a spreadsheet summary of selected cases to an email message for quick distribution to supervisory, departmental or management staff
    • Incident Rate Comparisons – Compare incident rates against the latest BLS data
    • Analyses and Report Export – Create exportable, at-a-glance charts and reports
    • Helpful Calculators – Quickly calculate employee work-hour counts and DART rates
  • Internet access
  • Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 3.5+ (Mac and Windows), Safari 5.0+ (Mac)
  • JavaScript, AJAX and cookies enabled
  • Adobe® Reader® 9+
  • VGA resolution of 1024x768 or higher recommended