Assess Your Chemical Footprint

An Effective Hazard Communication Plan Starts with a Complete & Accurate Chemical Inventory

Hazard communication regulations require that you develop a complete inventory of the chemicals your company uses in the workplace and that you have a current safety data sheet for each chemical in your inventory. This process can be labor-intensive, costing your department time and resources. That’s why VelocityEHS offers a wide range of MSDSonline services to help you simplify compliance.

We’ll do the hard work for you. VelocityEHS will send an experienced expert to your location to create a site-specific chemical inventory for you. During the audit process, we’ll capture each chemical Product Name, Manufacturer, Product Code (if applicable) and where each product resides at your location, so you can get an accurate snapshot of your entire chemical footprint.

Used in conjunction with our SDS/MSDS Library Building Services, our On-Site Chemical Inventory Audit will best ensure that your safety data sheet library has the most up-to-date SDSs that match all the chemical products in your workplace.

We offer timely turnaround and competitive rates on all of our services.


As an EHS professional, it’s critical that you have a comprehensive understanding of your company’s chemical footprint. Our team of experts will ensure your inventory is up-to-date and complete.


  • Save Time & Resources – Avoid costly, labor-intensive processes of creating your chemical inventory using internal resources.
  • Accurate Results – Our experienced experts know the right steps to take and the necessary details to capture, helping you easily ensure that your chemical inventory is up-to-date and that your online SDS library matches your physical inventory.
  • Quick & Affordable  – We offer timely project turnaround and competitive rates. We tailor project scope to the amount of chemicals and locations associated with your inventory.
  • Excellent Customer Care – Our dedicated project team takes pride in your satisfaction and is available to address questions throughout the process.

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