We're Taking EHS in a New Direction!

MSDSonline and KMI have joined together to create a new kind of EHS software company. Our goal is to help you reach your environmental, health, safety and sustainability faster by delivering the most relevant cloud EHS capabilities through a platform that that is more affordable, quicker and easier to implement, and provides the simplest user experience for you and your people.

MSDSonline acquired Canada-based KMI in August 2014. With its focus on ease of use and solving complex business challenges in simple ways, KMI was a natural fit for MSDSonline. Together, our expanded complement of world-class solutions can help you drive value across your EHS, chemical management, compliance, and sustainability programs.

As VelocityEHS, our vision includes building lasting relationships with customers, and delivering faster, better implementations that are more intuitive and successful than traditional enterprise software systems. By collecting better data, delivering greater visibility, and providing powerful analytics and reporting tools, VelocityEHS can help you control risk and improve performance across your company.

To learn more or request a demo, visit www.EHS.com

The VelocityEHS Platform Includes:

Air Emissions

Emissions monitoring, calculation & reporting that scales to handle every application from simple pollution tracking, to Title V permit compliance across your enterprise. 

On-Demand Training 

Delivers an extensive library of on-demand training courses across a wide variety of EHS topics to help ensure training compliance and employee safety.

Audit & Inspection 

Improve the quality and efficiency of your audit, inspection and behavior-based safety (BBS) observations, helping you to establish a clear benchmark for your EHS & sustainability performance. 

Performance Metrics

Helps you efficiently capture, analyze, and report key EHS and sustainability indicators throughout your entire enterprise.

Compliance Management 

Track compliance tasks, permits and other regulatory and policy requirements across your entire organization—all in one centralized system. 

Reporting & Dashboards

Gives you the right data, in the right format, at the right frequency to clearly visualize performance so you can focus your efforts where they’ll be most effective. 

Corrective Actions 

Create, assign and track corrective and preventive actions to help you more effectively identify and eliminate workplace risks. 

Risk Analysis

Simplifies the identification, assessment and control of workplace hazards, operational efficiencies and environmental impacts. 


Easily and cost-effectively deploy web-based office ergonomics training and self-assessment to every employee in your entire organization. 

Safety Meetings 

Quickly schedule safety meetings and record, track, distribute and report important meeting information across your organization. 

Incident Management

Simplify the reporting, investigation and tracking of workplace incidents while helping you analyze and control workplace risks. 

Training Management 

Allows you to easily coordinate, track, and evaluate employee training programs across your entire organization. 

Management of Change

Helps you coordinate workflows, manage processes, and improve the safety and sustainability of your workplace through focused organizational change. 

Waste Compliance

Simplifies enterprise-wide waste management with more efficient waste storage time tracking, manifesting, and reporting to ensure compliance with waste management regulations. 

MSDS/Chemical Management 

Improves visibility of your overall chemical footprint and helps you more easily identify and manage hazardous chemical risks. 

Water Quality 

Comprehensive monitoring, analysis & reporting that simplifies compliance with NPDES and other federal, state and municipal water quality & management standards.