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Delivering the services and natural resources that form the infrastructure of our communities--like energy, gas, water, sewage, and telecommunications--is a vital mission. In the utilities world, the only thing that matters is results and it seems no one pays attention until things go wrong. Unfortunately, because of the nature of operations in the utility world, when things do go wrong it is usually at a scale unseen in other industries. That scale is also why waiting until there’s a problem is not an option when it comes to the risks associated with hazardous chemicals. Safeguarding employees and the community from chemical hazards begins with robust chemical and safety information management. MSDSonline solutions deliver both with a single solution that can handle a chemical footprint at a scale even a utility company can appreciate.

MSDSonline provides robust chemical and safety information management to safeguard utility employees

“Easy to navigate for me and others. The updates are great and assure that we have the most recent SDS version.”
Michael A. Pazzanese, Liberty Utilities

Chemical Landscape

Utility companies must employ a range of chemicals, often in great quantities, to ensure the delivery of their products. Depending upon the utility and its commodity, common chemicals can include industrial strength quality and quantities of the most hazardous products. A major issue for many utilities, with many of its employees working on location (which can change from day-to-day) and/or out of a truck, is deployment of critical safety information to workers. Additionally, employees both out in the field and back at the facility encounter a greater number of common chemicals like cleaning supplies and cleaners (degreasers, etc.) than the average consumer would, which triggers a variety of compliance responsibilities for alerting employees to the known hazards.


The MSDSonline HQ and HQ RegXR Accounts can help utility companies manage the full range of chemicals employed on- and off-site, while at the same time providing workers with critical safety information, where and when they need it. Our solution includes:

  • SDS Management
    • Search MSDSonline database
    • Assign and manage products to multi-level locations
    • Deploy SDSs to achieve right-to-know requirements
  • Chemical Inventory Management
    • Track chemicals and ingredients
    • Generate and print labels and barcodes
    • Access mobile chemical management tools
    • Access workflow controls; flag and manage banned chemicals
  • Environmental & Regulatory Reporting
    • Cross reference chemicals against local, state, federal, and international lists
    • Access EPCRA Section 302 EHS list, and DHS List of Chemicals of Concern flagging and threshold reporting functions
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Training
    • Schedule, manage, and track Web-based training modules with content ranging from GHS and HazCom to lockout/tag out; from slips and falls to ergonomics
    • Access nearly 100 courses covering a full range of EH&S issues


Great product, friendly, professional, knowledgeable people. California Telecommunications Company
Ease of [use] and easy to provide for employees and clients who want to know how we handle MSDSs. John Morton WILLBROS: T&D Services
Appreciate the assitance that is provided with a phone call. Pat Metz City Water, Light & Power - Springfield, IL
Easy to navigate for me and others. The updates are great and assure that we have the most recent SDS version. Michael A. Pazzanese Liberty Utilities
A number of electrical utilities such as ourselves are using your system and all that I am aware of are satisfied. That's a stronger referral than just my name and company. Kevin Fowler Dakota Electric Association
You are easy to use, I like the updates, I can navigate quickly through the site. Glenn Cunningham Diverse Power

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