Chemical Management Makes Good Neighbors

When it comes to chemical management and the dissemination of critical safety information to employees, municipalities have a special challenge. Not only must they meet the letter of the law in regard to OSHA and EPA compliance, they must also uphold the public trust – which means being a model of safety and compliance best practice. Rightly or wrongly, citizens hold municipalities to a higher standard. The risk and liability government municipalities shoulder is also greater. Unfortunately, safety professionals in these settings have fewer resources at their disposal and must contend with greater bureaucracy. It can create a lose-lose proposition. VelocityEHS is working hard to change the equation by providing municipalities with cost-effective access to the same robust chemical management and safety tools enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies that have the power to create win-wins for everyone.

“It has made my job more efficient and has helped employees to observe policies.”
Steven O. Paye, City of Asheboro


City Hall Building

Chemical Landscape

From the street and sanitation maintenance crew at the city garage to the custodial staff at city hall, municipal workers are exposed to a broad range of chemical hazards while on the job. Common chemicals used by a municipality include:

  • Fuel and oil
  • Paint and sealants
  • Landscaping chemicals
  • Cleaning supplies

Additionally, some municipalities have direct oversight over water treatment plants, airports, and other enterprises that use hazardous chemicals on a larger scale. 


Not surprisingly, centrally managing HazCom Compliance for multiple departments and maintaining chemical transparency throughout the municipality, while at the same time providing customized access to end users, is a huge challenge. The MSDSonline HQ and HQ RegXR Accounts provide the industry’s best tools for:

  • SDS Management
    • Search the MSDSonline database
    • Assign and manage products to multi-level locations
    • Deploy SDSs to achieve employee right-to-know requirements
  • Chemical Inventory Management
    • Track chemicals and ingredients
    • Generate and print labels and barcodes
    • Access mobile chemical management tools
    • Access workflow controls, flag and manage banned chemicals
  • Environmental & Regulatory Reporting
    • Cross reference chemicals against local, state, federal, and international lists
    • Access EPCRA Section 302 EHS list, and DHS List of Chemicals of Concern flagging and threshold reporting functions
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Training
    • Schedule, manage, and track Web-based training modules with content ranging from GHS and HazCom to lockout/tag out; from slips and falls to ergonomics
    • Access nearly 100 courses covering a full range of EH&S issues

The MSDSonline GM Account is perfect for small departments with only a handful of chemicals and a small pool of employees looking for easy access to the leading database of safety data sheets, searchable by company, product name, CAS #; etc.


Such an easy way to make sure we are compliant and have all our MSDS in one easy and accessible program. Ontario Municipality Population 4000
Good product. Southwestern State Dept. of Corrections
Many governmental agencies use your service because it keeps SDS inventories current to keep them in compliance with OSHA regulations. Central Arizona City Population 120,000
It does all of the work for you and keeps your organization in compliance. Northern California City Population 125,000
I'm pretty happy and satisfied with the MSDSonline system. Karl Bruskotter City of Santa Monica
It has made my job more efficient and has helped employees to observe policies. Steven O Paye City of Asheboro
MSDSonline has done a great job of meeting our varied needs. Carl Gruber Sauk County
This program has been wonderful. Hope Burchell City of Onalaska

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