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An educational community is a complex ecosystem to control from an environmental, health and safety perspective. This is true for K-12 campuses and even more so for college and university campuses or entire school districts. Tracking and managing chemicals in these environments is a particularly critical task given the relative vulnerability of students and other stakeholders who make up the community and may be unaware of the proximity and severity of the potential hazards to which they are routinely exposed.

Another critical task is ensuring all necessary personnel receive the obligatory HazCom training and are given the Right-to-Know access to chemical safety information like safety data sheets and safety labels on workplace containers of hazardous substances. From teaching staff to maintenance crew, no matter the size of your campus or educational community, Our solutions that can help you get a handle on the chemicals under your control, while at the same time reducing risks, improving efficiencies, and driving compliance.


“MSDSonline provides an easy, organized way for us to comply with requirements of the law.”
Kathy Gearhart, Copper River School District

Chemical Landscape

In most educational communities, there are a wide variety of chemicals in use on a daily basis, including obvious chemicals like those used in laboratories and science curricula, as well as chemicals that are so ubiquitous as to be invisible. Common chemicals found in and around schools include:

  • Acetic acid
  • Butane
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Caulks and sealants
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Fertilizers
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Kerosene
  • Magnesium silicate and sulfate
  • Paints
  • Potassium chloride
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Sodium phosphate



VelocityEHS can help educational communities with several of their biggest challenges, like tracking chemicals across facilities and storage locations, and providing critical safety information to workers in their work areas and during their work shifts. For K-12 districts and college campuses, the MSDSonline HQ and HQ RegXR accounts offer:

  •  SDS Management
    • Search MSDSonline database
    • Assign and manage products to multi-level locations
    • Deploy SDSs to achieve right-to-know requirements
  • Chemical Inventory Management
    • Track chemicals and ingredients
    • Generate and print labels and barcodes
    • Access mobile chemical management tools
    • Access workflow controls; flag and manage banned chemicals
  • Environmental & Regulatory Reporting
    • Cross reference chemicals against local, state, federal, and international lists
    • Access EPCRA Section 302 EHS list, and DHS List of Chemicals of Concern flagging and threshold reporting functions
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Training
    • Schedule, manage, and track Web-based training modules with content ranging from GHS and HazCom to lockout/tag out; from slips and falls to ergonomics
    • Access nearly 100 courses covering a full range of EH&S issues

For smaller schools managing chemicals on their own (e.g., a single K-6 building with a small custodial staff and few chemicals) the MSDSonline GM Account provides access to the leading database of safety data sheets and an easy way to manage a small collection of MSDSs / SDSs online.


MSDSonline provides an easy, organized way for us to comply with requirements of the law. Kathy Gearhart Copper River School District
The ease of use and the [comprehensive] list of SDS available to user. Herschel Meaders Gwinnett Technical College
No question. We will continue to use. Pat Meyer Unified School District of De Pere
Incredibly easy to use and great source. Julie Burris- Richardson Houston ISD
Service level is great. The fact that I have not had to contact anyone at MSDSonline is a testament to the solid product you provide. No issues at all. Tom Bieber Southern Oregon University

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