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MSDSonline provides a solid foundation for construction work site chemical safety

Construction Work Sites

Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference, especially when you're managing hazardous chemicals on-site. Our online and mobile solutions keep everyone working safely from ground-breaking to ribbon-cutting.

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The Best Foundation for Chemical Management

“Convenient way to keep up and store all necessary MSDS Information besides physical binder.”
St. Paul, MN Construction Company

Managing chemicals and employee access to critical information like safety data sheets is a tough job in the construction business thanks to the always changing environment and the flow of workers and third party contractors to the site. In the construction industry, it’s never the same worksite twice.  Add to this evolving local, state and federal compliance requirements, along with employees and resources spread around multiple job sites, each with a unique chemical footprint, and it can feel like an impossible undertaking. MSDSonline solutions from VelocityEHS can help by simplifying the organization of, access to, and deployment of chemical information and safety materials across employees and worksites.

Chemical hazards are commonplace in the construction industry

Chemical Landscape

Each phase of a construction project has a variety of tasks, each with its own set of risks. Job sites can include hundreds or even thousands of chemicals, including:

  • Atmospheric hazards – (e.g., Flammable or toxic vapors accumulating in a trench)
  • Asbestos and silica dust
  • Lead and welding fumes
  • Paints and cleaning solutions
  • Caulks, sealants and solvents
  • Gypsum, roof tiles and sidings
  • Cadmium, carbon monoxide, hexavalent chromium
  • Epoxy coatings and urethanes
  • Concrete and cement
  • Waterproofing and dam proofing
  • Fuels
  • Gypsum
MSDSonline helps construction works and contractors stay safe on the job


The MSDSonline HQ and HQ RegXR Accounts provide the muscle construction companies require to manage their chemicals safely and effectively:

  • SDS management features:
    • Search MSDSonline database
    • Assign and manage products to multi-level locations
    • Deploy SDSs to achieve right-to-know requirements
  • Chemical Inventory Management
    • Track chemicals and ingredients
    • Access workflow controls; flag and manage banned chemicals
    • Access unit of measurement conversion functionality
    • Generate and print barcodes
    • Manage labels
  • Environmental & Regulatory Reporting
    • Cross-reference chemicals against local, state, federal, and international lists
    • Access EPCRA Section 302 EHS list, and DHS List of Chemicals of Concern flagging and threshold reporting functions
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Training
    • Schedule, manage, and track Web-based training modules with content ranging from GHS and HazCom to lockout/tag out; from slips and falls to ergonomics
    • Access nearly 100 courses covering a full range of EH&S issues

The MSDSonline GM Account is perfect for small companies with only a handful of chemicals and a small pool of employees looking for easy access to the leading database of safety data sheets, searchable by company, product name, CAS #; etc.

Call Us Now: 1.888.362.2007. One of our experts will help you create a solution to meet your compliance needs. Outside the U.S., dial 1.312.881.2000.


“Utilizing MSDSonline was one of the best decisions we have ever made regarding any type of product information and everyone with which we've dealt have been extremely prompt, efficient and courteous. This service is invaluable. The product updates are awesome and seamless. It saves us valuable time and the final product is priceless. We have actually recommended the service to several of our Sub-Contractors.
Darlene Armstrong, Fleming Building Co Inc

“Grateful for this program.  It is a huge timesaver and it's on the cutting edge.”
Denise Des Lauriers, Jordan's Furniture

“I used to manually 'try' to keep up with the new MSDS updates but that was a never ending task. As a matter of fact, I could have spent my entire 40 hr work week on it and probably still not have my MSDS's up to par. What a wonderful service you offer. No more sheet protectors, messed up indexes, no more messed up manual altogether (employees or public) removing them and not putting them back in the proper order (or not putting them back at all). The list goes on. I could go on and on. To make a long story short, 40 hrs per week to maybe 5 minutes a week on MSDS's.”
Valerie Centi, Fulton County Medical Center

“It is a very fast and effective way to find what you are looking for, or to update any msds sheets that need updating. If I have question I would just call, but it is so easy to maneuver thru and find whatever it is you are looking for. I am very pleased with this service! Thank you!”
Three Year Customer, North Texas Hospital

“I changed to your system from a different product. I have been extremely happy with that decision. The ease of use for myself and my employees has made this very easy to roll out. I look forward to being able to use your system with the training for the GHS training coming up.”
Shely Albino, Amphenol Times Microwave Systems

“One of the best decisions we have made!”
Linda Brockwell, Wickenburg Regional Medical Center

“I have found MSDSonline to be a great resource and I was glad that my predecessor had selected you folks. With the GHS change, MSDSonline was way ahead of other companies in providing information and training.”
Pennsylvanian Manufacturer

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NPL Construction

Leading Gas Pipeline Construction Company
NPL is the largest gas pipeline construction, gas distribution, and gas line servicing contractor in the United States.

Buffington Homes

Residential Homebuilder
One of the leading residential construction companies in Austin, Texas, Buffington Homes has around 55 full-time employees and builds about 250 houses each year.

Cope Plastics


Leading Distributor and Fabricator
Since 1946, Cope Plastics in Alton, Illinois has been a leading distributor and fabricator of plastic sheets, rods, and tubes. Its work involves plastics, graphics materials, acrylics, polycarbonates, and similar products.

OCI Wyoming


Leading Manufacturer of Soda Ash
OCI Wyoming is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of soda ash. Located in Green River, Wyoming, it employs over 400 workers and maintains a library of over 1,000 MSDSs. The company has been In business since 1962.

Premier Equipment 


One of Canada's Largest John Deere Dealers
With 10 locations throughout Ontario, Canada, Premier Equipment sells and services John Deere tractors, harvesters, mowers, and other machinery to customers across the province. It also provides a suite of water management and agricultural management tools.

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Nonprofit Retirement Community Serving 300 Seniors
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