Convenient Solutions to Support Your Emergency Response Needs

From meeting emergency number requirements for hazardous material shipping papers and SDS documents to providing employees with chemical exposure support and right-to-know SDS access, VelocityEHS’ Emergency Response Services make it easy to ensure you’re compliant and that employees always have the critical safety information they need.

Our federally and globally recognized Emergency Response Communication Call Center is available 24/7 to help you:

  • Comply with DOT and other global and domestic shipping requirements
  • Meet OSHA HazCom and Health Canada WHMIS right-to-know/library backup requirements and Section 1 emergency number requirements for safety data sheets
  • Get chemical incident mitigation assistance in the event of a chemical spill or other incident, including incident notification and reporting to designated emergency contacts
Emergency Response Services

With Emergency Response Services from VelocityEHS, workers have 24/7 access to critical chemical safety information through a convenient hotline.

Shipping Compliance

Receive a 24-hour toll-free number—powered by ChemTel—for unlimited use on hazardous materials shipping papers and manifests in order to meet global and domestic regulatory requirements, such as those required by DOT 49 CFR 172.604, FAA, IMDG and IATA. Plus, receive a corresponding Certificate of Compliance for your records to help verify your coverage. And in the event of a spill, get access to SDSs and escalated incident reporting to your designated emergency contact.

SDS Emergency Contact Number

Easily satisfy emergency contact telephone number requirements for Section 1 of safety data sheets with a toll-free number providing 24-hour access to our hotline staffed by chemical safety experts.

Exposure Support

Get on-the-spot chemical exposure support to prevent serious injuries, and even save lives in the event of a chemical emergency. VelocityEHS Exposure Support—powered by ChemTel—puts trained specialists with more than 70 years of combined emergency call center experience at workers’ fingertips. Toxicologists and medical technicians are on call at all times to provide critical chemical safety information and escalated incident reporting through a convenient hotline.

SDS Rapid Access

Backed by our industry leading MSDSonline database, your employees—global or domestic—get unlimited, 24/7 email or fax access to your company’s inventory of safety data sheets through a convenient hotline to help protect employees and ensure compliance with SDS right-to-know, accessibility and library back-up requirements of global hazard communication regulations.

Additional Services

There are even more ways VelocityEHS can help support your emergency response needs, such as lithium battery shipper support — which gives you a 24-hour emergency response phone number to meet DOT and all international regulations for battery shipments, preferred pricing on lithium battery shipping labels, and technical and regulatory advice. Contact us today to learn more about all of our emergency response services.


  • Around-the-Clock Access – Available to protect employees at workplaces around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Trusted Expertise – One of a select few federally and globally recognized Emergency Response Communication Call Centers, providing exceptional and accurate hazardous materials emergency and mitigation support for more than 30 years.
  • Regulatory Compliant – From DOT 49 CFR 172.604 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 to IMDG and IATA, meet global and domestic shipping requirements, SDS emergency contact number requirements, and SDS right-to-know accessibility and library backup requirements with our expert-staffed emergency response hotline.
  • Global Language Translation – Meet the needs of a multi-lingual workforce with experts ready to field calls in more than 200 languages.
  • Excellent Customer Care – Our dedicated support team takes pride in your satisfaction. Get ongoing access to general and technical support and more.

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