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10 Ways to Thank A Safety Professional This Thanksgiving

Nov 25, 2014
Each year at this time, MSDSonline posts the Top 10 Reasons to Thank a Safety Professional. This year, we decided to mix it up a little and share with you the Top 10 Ways to Thank a Safety Professional. You can download it and print it here.

Stay safe everyone and have a Happy Thanksgiving


10. Have a hot pot of coffee waiting for them in the morning. At the very least, brew a fresh pot if you take the last cup. Safety requires coffee.

9. During the morning/weekly/monthly safety talk, quiet down and make eye contact when they start talking so that they get the impression you’re listening. Yes, it will freak them out at first, but the meetings will actually go a lot faster when they don’t have to repeat everything 20 times.

8. Wear all of your required PPE, the way it’s supposed to be used. Keep in mind, there’s a good chance they won’t recognize you.

7. If you’re stuck in the stone age and haven’t updated to an electronic safety data sheet management system — for the love of God, put the safety data sheet back in the binder when you’re done with it. Safety professionals just love having to track down missing MSDSs. 

6. Say it with me: lockout/tagout, lockout/tagout, lockout/tagout. One more time, lockout/tagout.

5. Tell the truth. If a safety professional asks you what happened, own it so they can fix it, unless of course, they ask you if their yellow reflective vest makes them look fat, then lie, lie, lie!

4. Stop acting like you’re doing the safety professional a favor when you follow safety protocol. You want to do them a favor? Wash their car. 

3. Have their back. If you see a co-worker or someone else giving them a hard time, don’t be afraid to speak up and let everyone know you stand on the side of safety. Of course, if you stand up for safety, better keep an eye out for the next bus, because someone’s always trying to throw the safety professional under it. 

2. Stop complaining that safety training is boring and tedious. You know what’s boring and tedious — being dead.

1. Remember this Thanksgiving that behind every slice of turkey, every bite of stuffing, every hug from a loved one, there is a safety professional who made it their job this year to get you to that table, in one piece.

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