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Webinar on OSHA’s New Silica Dust Rule: The Time to Prepare for Enforcement is Now

Oct 17, 2016
Silica Cropped

VelocityEHS is offering a free, live webinar to help businesses prepare for compliance with OSHA’s new Respirable Crystalline Silica Final Rule.

Earlier this year, OSHA published the long-awaited Final Rule covering worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica. The Final Rule contains the largest, most sweeping changes to the regulation of silica dust in the workplace since a PEL for silica dust was first established back in 1971. It also set into motion a series of deadlines by which different industries must update how they monitor and control their employees’ exposure to silica dust, how they train on silica-related hazards, and much, much more.

With the first impacted industry (Construction) facing a compliance deadline of June 23, 2017 — and General Industry and Maritime facing a deadline of June 23, 2018, and Hydraulic Fracturing facing deadlines ranging from June 23, 2018 through June 23, 2021 — the time to get and stay prepared is now!

Click here to register.  

In the meantime, to familiarize yourself with the core requirements of the new rule, you can also read our blog posts on the requirements for:


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