Complimentary COVID-19 Safety Posters

VelocityEHS has created colorful, complimentary COVID-19 safety posters for you to use around the workplace! Whether your organization has continued operations during the pandemic, or you are beginning the return-to-work phase, utilize these graphics to encourage employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The posters serve as great reminders for workers to follow company policy and continue safe practices. The different signage includes: "Please Wear a Face Mask", "Stop the Spread of Germs", "Wash Your Hands", "Symptoms of Coronavirus", "Please Keep Your Distance", "Stop: Room Closed", and "Please No Handshakes".

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Take part in OSHA's Safe and Sound week starting on August 10th by hanging these posters in your workplace. See our "VelocityEHS Solutions for Today's EHS Challenges" quick sheet to find out how VelocityEHS can help you with COVID-19 efforts and beyond.