Not Sure If Your Workplace Chemical Requires an SDS? Download Our Handy Guide

Does This Product Require a Safety Data Sheet?

As the industry's #1 SDS/Chemical Management software and services provider, VelocityEHS' compliance experts are frequently asked how to know when a specific chemical product requires a safety data sheet. That's why we created our handy guide, "Does This Product Require a Safety Data Sheet," to help EHS professionals like you better understand SDS requirements.

Our guide compiles key information from OSHA's HazCom Standard and OSHA guidance documents to provide an easily referenced, go-to guide to answer common questions about when SDSs are required. It covers:

  • The nuances of when an SDS is needed (or not needed) for hazardous chemicals, consumer products, office products, closed containers, and manufactured articles.
  • Products that are listed as exempt in the HazCom Standard.

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Simplify SDS/Chemical Management with VelocityEHS

VelocityEHS takes the complexity out of managing your SDSs and chemical inventory. Our easy-to-use MSDSonline chemical management software platform helps businesses of any size manage and provide right-to-know access to SDSs, maintain chemical inventories, create workplace labels, and simplify regulatory reporting. Plus, our On-Site Chemical Inventory Audit service makes it easy to ensure your site-specific chemical inventory is accurate and up-to-date. What’s more, we recently launched our new Emergency Response Services that provide a convenient 24/7 hotline for live chemical shipping and exposure support and rapid access to SDSs in the event of an emergency.

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