VelocityEHS Webinar Helps Canadian Hazardous Product Suppliers and Employers with WHMIS 2015 Compliance

If you manufacture, import or distribute hazardous products in Canada, or if you’re a Canadian employer who uses hazardous products in the workplace, you won't want to miss our free VelocityEHS webinar, “WHMIS 2015: All 3 Compliance Deadlines Hit in 2018 — Are You Ready?” on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 11:00 - 12:00 pm (ET).

WHMIS 2015 is currently coming into force across Canada, with hazardous product manufacturers, importers and distributors already expected to be in compliance with Canada’s Hazardous Products Regulations (HPR) following the recent June 1 and September 1, 2018 deadlines.

Unfortunately, results from Health Canada’s recent Safety Data Sheet Audit Project show that a significant number of hazardous product suppliers are still having difficulty meeting HPR and WHMIS 2015 requirements. In fact, of the 188 supplier SDSs Health Canada audited, 98.4% were out of compliance! These surprising results are evidence that Canadian hazardous product suppliers still have a long way to go when it comes to getting their SDS documents and labels in line with the new requirements.

For employers throughout Canada, the December 1, 2018 WHMIS deadline is approaching fast. If you’re not already in compliance with WHMIS 2015, or if you have questions about ensuring compliance moving forward, our upcoming webinar offers a detailed look at WHMIS 2015 requirements, along with a number of best practices that you can implement at your workplace to ensure you’re up to speed. Register today!

 Let VelocityEHS | MSDSonline Help!

Considering the complexity of WHMIS 2015 requirements, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses are still having difficulty getting into compliance. MSDSonline SDS / Chemical Management Solutions from VelocityEHS offer businesses like yours powerful and easy-to-use software tools that help you simplify WHMIS 2015 compliance, and keep your workers safe.

Our award-winning MSDSonline HQ and HQ RegXR Accounts give you 24/7 mobile right-to-know access to the industry’s leading database of more than 14 million manufacturer-original SDSs that are continuously updated to ensure you have the most current and accurate hazardous product information available. Combine that with our sophisticated, yet easy to use workplace labeling and chemical inventory management tools, and you get a single, centralized solution that makes WHMIS 2015 compliance faster and easier than ever before.

In addition, VelocityEHS offers a comprehensive suite of compliance services to help you take the guesswork and legwork out of hazard communication. Our expert SDS Authoring and Regulatory Consulting Services including SDS Translation, Confidential Business Information (CBI)/Trade Secret Claim Support and SDS Compliance Check will help you rest assured that your SDSs and other hazard communication information is up-to-date and 100% in compliance. It’s why more than 13,000 customers and 8 Million users worldwide trust VelocityEHS to help them meet their hazard communication requirements and keep their workplaces safe.

Visit our website at for additional free chemical safety and compliance resources, and to learn more about our award-winning SDS / chemical management solutions.