Finding HazCom Solutions for Hospitals, Health Systems, and Healthcare Providers

Managing hazardous chemicals is a critical responsibility for healthcare providers, but this task can be made difficult by the sheer variety of chemicals employed by hospitals, hospital systems, and physician offices. (The average MSDSonline healthcare customer has 2305 safety data sheets in its eBinder—the most of any industry category!) The need to safeguard employees, volunteers, and patients who are exposed to these chemicals as part of their routine activities is absolutely vital.

Moreover, compliance with OSHA’s HazCom Standard, the Joint Commission (JCAHO), and additional accrediting firms exert additional pressure on healthcare providers to adhere to stringent industry standards and best practices. On top of this, impending changes to achieve GHS-alignment in the U.S. and Canada can make meeting compliance requirements feel nebulous and overwhelming.

Meeting these challenges takes a partner who understands chemical management in the healthcare industry, and who can give you powerful tools to achieve compliance.

Wickenburg Community Hospital—a critical access facility just outside of Phoenix, Arizona—is a great example of a leading regional medical provider creating safety and compliance with the HQ Account.  Wickenburg transitioned from a traditional paper binder approach to safety data sheet management several years ago. The change has saved Wickenburg money and time, and it has achieved enthusiastic alignment across departments for this new, and very welcome approach to HazCom.  To learn more about Wickenburg’s story and positive experience with the HQ Account, visit their online case study here.

You can also see other MSDSonline case studies—including for industries such as chemical manufacturing, general manufacturing, and healthcare—by visiting our Case Studies page here.

From small stand-alone hospitals to multi-state health systems, MSDSonline’s proven suite of safety solutions are trusted by healthcare providers of all types in the U.S. and Canada. Our regularly updated library of millions of safety data sheets — the largest and most comprehensive in the industry — makes it easy to provide required HazCom information, and MSDSonline’s proven solutions help healthcare institutions reduce risk, improve efficiencies, and move toward compliance.

Features and benefits of our industry-leading HQ and HQ RegXR Accounts include:

MSDS and Chemical Management

  • Search and access MSDSonline database with millions of SDSs
  • Assign, manage. and map products to multi-level locations (e.g., Facility, department, floor, unit, storage room)
  • Deploy SDSs to achieve right-to-know requirements
  • Track chemicals and ingredients
  • Access workflow controls; flag and manage banned chemicals
  • Generate and print labels and barcodes
  • Access mobile chemical management tools

Environmental & Regulatory Reporting

  • Utilize Tier II identification and reporting features
  • Cross reference chemicals against local, state, federal, and international lists
  • Access EPCRA Section 302 EHS list, and DHS List of Chemicals of Concern flagging and threshold reporting functions

Environmental, Health & Safety Training

  • Schedule, manage, and track Web-based training modules with content ranging from GHS and HazCom to toxicology; from bloodborne pathogens to ergonomics
  • Access nearly 100 courses covering a full range of EH&S issues