KMI Webinar Helps EHS Professionals Reconcile Safety and Productivity

To provide EHS and safety professionals with practical, actionable tools to help them end the perceived conflict between safety and productivity, KMI will present a new webinar featuring Damon Nix on January 29, 2015 at 11am Eastern time. The webinar — Lean & Safe: Integrating Safety Management and Process Improvement — will focus on ways to enhance collaboration and understanding to “make peace” with operations tensions between safety initiatives and productivity goals.

Mr. Nix is project manager for Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute, and a safety specialist with a track record of providing assistance to small business. He also currently serves as instructor and course developer for Georgia Tech’s OSHA Training Institute Education Center.

During the webinar, Mr. Nix will show attendees how to:

• Identify processes with high potential for cross-departmental collaboration
• Explain how unsafe conditions and operational wastes correlate, and how to eliminate them simultaneously
• Discuss Lean principles to access the highest levels of hazard control
• Demonstrably reduce inter-organizational conflict and undesirable tradeoffs
• Discuss how EHS systems contribute to elevate visibility and increase collaboration

Members of the KMI team will also be on the webinar to answer questions and provide insight about how KMI’s solutions can help safety professionals reach their safety and productivity goals.

A renewed focus on this issue

KMI’s new webinar comes on the heels of new attention by OSHA and others to reconciling workplace safety with productivity.

OSHA’s On-site Consultation Program for medium and small businesses has recently taken new steps to reach out to employers on this issue. The confidential, free program is separate from OSHA’s enforcement arm, and doesn’t issue fines or penalties. In recent months, the program has turned its attention to helping businesses understand how workplace safety and health positively impact their bottom line, reconciling any perceived tension between safety and profits.  According to a recent editorial on the topic by Patrick Showalter, the director of OSHA’s Office of Small Business Assistance, “Many small- and medium-sized manufacturers could benefit from understanding how workplace safety and health significantly impact their bottom line.”

OSHA also recently announced a collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) aimed at small manufacturing businesses. The joint project became an extension of NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs), and aims to provide support to small manufacturers through its network of nationwide local centers as they work to create safer workplaces free from injuries and illness. OSHA has announced that during 2015, it plans to encourage its On-site Consultation Program members to pursue additional collaborative relationships with MEPs in their home states.

To learn more about the upcoming KMI webinar, or to register, visit the KMI website here.

To learn more about OSHA’s new MEPs to protect small manufacturing workers, view their press announcement.