Finding HazCom Solutions for Educational Communities

Institutions of higher education face unique challenges when it comes to keeping their campuses safe from chemical hazards.  However, with the right set of solutions, diverse and vibrant workplaces like college campuses, primary schools, and high schools can create safe and compliant environments for employees, faculty, and students.

Educational institutions present incredibly diverse ecosystems to the safety professional. Potentially hazardous chemicals can appear in obvious locations — like science labs — but also in less-conspicuous places like maintenance areas, art studios, and corporate offices. Students may not even be aware that many of these hazardous chemicals exist at all.

Ensuring the safety of everyone in these settings can be a complicated task.  MSDSonline knows precisely what it takes to give schools the tools they need to manage their safety data sheet library and enhance student and worker safety. Its HQ Account helps educational institutions of all shapes and sizes with some of their biggest safety and compliance challenges — like tracking chemicals across facilities and storage locations, and providing government-mandated safety information to employees. Users can also:

  • Search the MSDSonline database
  • Assign and manage products to multi-level locations
  • Generate and print barcodes and labels
  • Flag and manage banned chemicals
  • Cross reference chemical against local, state, federal, and international lists
  • Access nearly 100 courses covering a full range of EH&S topics
  • And more!

Hamilton College is one example of a leading educational institution that found its safety and compliance solution in the HQ Account. Located in upstate New York, Hamilton is one of the nation’s most-selective and highest-ranked liberal arts colleges, and home to a community of 1,850 undergraduate students and 700 faculty and staff members. It also manages a library of over 6,900 safety data sheets. After using a competing cloud-based MSDS management service for several years, Hamilton made the switch to MSDSonline. Learn more about their positive experience by visiting their online case study.

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