New Chemical Registration Numbers Take Off

As chemical manufacturers innovate and create new compounds, keeping on top of chemical recordkeeping and compliance is poised to become a growing challenge.

Two weeks ago, the New York Times reported a “startling growth of newly registered chemical compounds” based on new information released by the American Chemical Society (ACS). According to the ACS, approximately 15,000 new chemicals and biological sequences are now being registered every day to its CAS Registry database by scientists and manufacturers. The CAS Registry is the world’s largest collection of disclosed chemical substances, and contains information on over 90 million organic and inorganic substances.

As Dr. Jerald L. Schnoor, editor-in-chief of the journal Environmental Science & Technology observes in the article: “The growth of the list is eye-popping.”

While only a small number of new chemicals registered with the ACS will ever be put into use—or find their way into products commonly sold or used by industry—this growth underscores the mounting challenge of maintaining accurate, compliant information on all chemicals used in the workplace.

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