OSHA Looking for More Input on Recordkeeping Rule Changes

OSHA announced today that it was extending the time stakeholders have to comment on proposed changes to workplace injury and illness tracking. Last year, OSHA proposed a rule that would require establishments to submit OSHA Recordkeeping information electronically.

During hearings on the proposal, OSHA reports that some stakeholders had concerns the changes would lead to under-reporting of injuries and illnesses. Now the agency is looking for feedback "on whether to amend the proposed rule to: 1) require that employers inform their employees of their right to report injuries and illnesses; 2) more clearly communicate the requirement that any injury and illness reporting requirements established by the employer be reasonable and not unduly burdensome; and 3) provide OSHA an additional remedy to prohibit employers from taking adverse action against employees for reporting injuries and illnesses."

If you would like to read more or comment on the proposal, click here.

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