10 More Additional Reasons to Thank a Safety Professional this Thanksgiving

It’s time for MSDSonline’s 3rd annual list of the top reasons to say thank you to a safety professional before sitting down to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal.

It is presented in recognition and appreciation of the hardwork and care EH&S professionals put into their vocations day-in and day-out. So without further ado, here it is:

The 2013 List of Top 10 Reasons to Thank a Safety Professional:

  1. It’s cheaper than buying them a Christmas present.
  2. You’ve never actually seen a grown man or woman cry.
  3. Nothing goes better with Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie than gratitude.
  4. Because they got you trained on OSHA’s revision to labels and safety data sheets via the revised HazCom Standard and GHS by the December 1, 2013 deadline.
  5. Because it’s always nice to know you don’t have the most thankless, or least properly compensated job at your company.
  6. Your company was I2P2 before I2P2 was cool.
  7. It’s nice not having to freak out any time OSHA stops by because your workplace is under control.
  8. Some of those nasty chemicals have been replaced with less nasty chemicals.
  9. You have all of the PPEs, monitoring equipment, and other resources you need to work safely every day.
  10. You never forget the first time you thank a safety pro, and neither do they.

As always, MSDSonline would like to thank the thousands of safety professionals who use our solutions to keep their employees safe throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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