Four Free GHS and SDS Management Webinars to Help Safety Pros Start 2013 on the Right Foot

Free GHS related webinars coming up in the next two months include:

1. Electronic MSDS Management: The Easy Way to Manage Chemicals and Transition to GHS -Feb 5:

On February 5, VP of Sales at MSDSonline, Chuck Haling, will deliver a Webinar on electronic management of safety data sheets. Because of OSHA’s adoption of GHS (HazCom 2012), safety data sheets are undergoing big changes, and U.S. based companies that use hazardous chemicals should expect to have their entire safety data sheet library updated in the next couple of years. Electronic management provides critical support to employers and safety professionals transitioning to the updated standard.

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2. GHS Adoption by OSHA, What You Need to Do Now!

Since November 2011, MSDSonline has been hosting a hugely popular, semi-monthly GHS Webinar. The presentation covers basic changes to the Hazard Communication Standard, labels, safety data sheets, and chemical classification. Running time is approximately 45 minutes and it is the perfect introduction to GHS for safety professionals. This Webinar is offered every other week.

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    3. GHS Adoption from an Authoring Perspective - Jan 30

    Chemical manufacturers and distributors should already be working on meeting their GHS related OSHA deadline, June 1, 2015 – which is the date by which they must have reclassified their chemicals and updated their safety data sheets and chemical labels using GHS criteria. For those companies with dozens, hundreds or thousands of safety data sheets to revise, or those needing to use an outside vendor, the window for completing the work on time and economically is closing.

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    4. Preparing for OSHA’s 2013 GHS Training Deadline

    OSHA’s first GHS employer deadline, December 1, is fast approaching. In less than a year from now, employers must have trained employees on new label elements and safety data sheet format based on GHS criteria. This webinar will help safety professionals understand OSHA’s expectations around training – as well as, compliance considerations for the second employer deadline of June 1, 2016.

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    GHS Online Training Also Available
    In addition to its Webinar series, which is geared toward informing safety professionals about compliance issues, MSDSonline also has a suite of GHS Online Training Courses. These courses can be accessed as a stand-alone product via MSDSonline or added to an established learning management system (LMC).