10 More Reasons to Thank a Safety Professional this Thanksgiving

Last year, MSDSonline posted its Top 10 Reasons to Thank a Safety Professional This Thanksgiving list, and this year, MSDSonline would like to share 10 More Reasons to Thank a Safety Professional:

  1. For having the courage to take, what is too often, a thankless job with few resources and/or an inordinate amount of responsibility.
  2. For record keeping, tracking training, and doing all the little things right that keep your company in compliance with OSHA and other agencies so that you have a job to go to each day.
  3. For being a lifelong learner. Like a shark must always be swimming, a safety professional must always be learning. To that end, OSHA’s revised HazCom Standard should keep them busy for a while.
  4. For the gentle reminders and corrections made in passing, as well as the public dress-downs and formal reprimands — whatever it takes to get the message across.
  5. For safety incentive programs that don’t violate OSHA’s guidelines and actually make the workplace a safer place by encouraging reporting of workplace incidents and near misses.
  6. For talking the talk and then actually walking the walk. You may not agree with everything they say and do, but you have to respect how their actions align with their beliefs.
  7. For taking your concerns seriously. When was the last time your safety professional said, “I don’t care?”
  8. For taking the lead on sustainability. More and more safety professionals are finding that they have a lot in common with Kermit the Frog — “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”
  9. For having your 6. “Got your 6” is a military term that equates to “I’ve got your back.” By never shutting up, always pushing for improvements, and keeping both employees and management in line, safety professionals prove they have your back, even when you don’t see it.
  10. For helping make it possible for you to sit down and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, and any meal for that matter. For helping you keep your head, your lungs and other body parts healthy!

This Thanksgiving, MSDSonline says thank you to all of the safety professionals out there making a difference every day. We’ve got your 6.