June 2012 is National Safety Month

June - National Safety Month 2012 - is organized by The National Safety Council (NSC) and features a different safety focus each week. The theme this year is "Safety 24/7" because, the NSC says, "injuries and deaths off the job greatly outnumber those on the job."

Week 1 focus is Employee wellness and PALA+ Challenge
Week 2 focus is Ergonomics
Week 3 focus is Preventing slips, trips and falls
Week 4 focus is Driving safety

In addition to picking a theme and weekly focus, the NSC provides members a number of tools and statistics to help employers celebrate the month and engage employees.

At MSDSonline, we'd like to remind employers that National Safety Month is also a great time to make sure your MSDS libraries are in compliance, especially as the transition to GHS kicks into full gear. It's also time to start thinking about staying cool on the job as temperatures rise. Check out two of our blog posts on heat related safety: Working in Extreme Temperatures and OSHA Looks to Beat the Heat related Illnesses.

If you're looking for online training related to this year's Safety Month, check out our library of online training courses, including:

  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Office Safety
  • Defensive Driving
  • First Aid and CPR Principles and Procedures
  • Ergonomics