March 1 Deadline Nears for Tier II Reporting — MSDS Key to Compliance

This is a friendly reminder that Tier II Reporting for most municipalities must be completed by March 1. If your facility houses hazardous chemicals at reportable quantities, you may be required under SARA Title III to provide information on the kinds and amounts of chemicals present at your location to local and state emergency agencies.

Visit to learn more about SARA obligations. Great information is also available on the EPA’s Tier II page.

Keys to Compliance: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

If you do have to file a Tier II report (or if you have chemicals on premise but are uncertain of your obligations) this might be a good year to investigate cloud based regulatory reporting solutions. A good chemical cross referencing engine, like MSDSonline’s, indexes chemical and ingredient information directly from the MSDS and automatically checks it against various state, federal and international substance lists.

You can’t report what you don’t know. Unfortunately, when it comes to SARA compliance, being unaware of your reporting obligations is not viable defense.

For instance, too often companies overlook extremely hazardous chemicals that are ingredients in otherwise common products such as paint. Such products taken individually may not contain enough of the ingredient to trigger reporting; however, when taken in aggregate from all products throughout the facility, an ingredient may quickly reach the reportable quantity.

In the past, electronic chemical management and cross referencing was a luxury only large companies could enjoy. Today, thanks to cloud technology, even small and medium size companies can afford powerful online solutions for meeting chemical reporting obligations.