OSHA’s GHS Delayed at OMB – “Review Extended”

OSHA's adoption of GHS has hit a snag. According to new information on OMB's website, the changes to the Hazard Communication Standard have been tagged as "Review Extended". This is the same status that has kept OSHA's Silica Standard on the sidelines at OMB for over 10 months. OMB was supposed to complete its 90 day review of GHS this week. Special thank you to Coby Cullins and National Safety Compliance for forwarding the news. You can see the update here: http://www.reginfo.gov/public/jsp/EO/eoDashboard.jsp Based on the OMB's most recent projections - available on regulations.gov - the agency expects final action sometime in February. Timetable:

Action Date FR Cite
ANPRM 09/12/2006 71 FR 53617
ANPRM Comment Period End 11/13/2006
Complete Peer Review of Economic Analysis 11/19/2007
NPRM 09/30/2009 74 FR 50279
NPRM Comment Period End 12/29/2009
Hearing 03/02/2010
Hearing 03/31/2010
Post Hearing Comment Period End 06/01/2010
Final Action 02/00/2012

We'll keep you up-to-date as more information become available. To learn more about OSHA's proposed adoption of GHS, attend a Free GHS Webinar by MSDSonline. The MSDSonline Team