MSDSonline Offers GHS Guarantee – Risk-Free MSDS Authoring for GHS Adoption by OSHA

Updated Hazard Communication Standard will require reclassification of chemicals and updating of safety data sheets for most U.S. chemical manufacturers.

Chicago,  January 16, 2012  — MSDSonline, the leading provider of on-demand MSDS management and authoring services, is making it easier for chemical manufacturers, importers and distributors to transition to the Globally Harmonized System in the United States by offering its GHS Guarantee for MSDSs authored into the US GHS format.

Changes to the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to align with GHS,which is a global approach to regulating hazardous chemicals, are expected sometime in the first quarter of 2012. If there are differences between the proposed rule and the final rule, all MSDSs authored through MSDSonline to comply with OSHA’s impending adoption will be adjusted at no extra cost, once GHS is in place.

“With our GHS Guarantee, chemical manufacturers and distributors don’t have to wait until the final rule comes out to start updating their MSDSs for GHS,” said Mike Flynn, vice president of product development and strategy. “They can have confidence that their safety data sheets and labels will align with OSHA’s HCS revisions.”

In addition to its guarantee, MSDSonline provides an all-inclusive rate for GHS authoring. While many organizations charge hourly rates for the reclassification of chemicals in accordance with GHS on top of authoring rates, MSDSonline charges a simple all-inclusive per document rate.

Flynn added, “We have a wide-range of authoring services, such as translation services and compliance reviews, and can create compliant MSDSs for use with any local, regional and international standards such as REACH, CLP, WHMIS, ANSI, or NAFTA.”

Educating the Industry about GHS
GHS adoption by OSHA will impact everyone in the United States who is part of the life-cycle of a hazardous chemical or chemicals. This includes, but is not limited to, manufacturers, importers, distributors, transporters, storage facility owners, as well as end-users in the construction, manufacturing, education, healthcare and energy sectors.

According to OSHA, revisions to the HCS will affect over 40 million workers in over five million workplaces. MSDSonline has taken a lead role in educating those groups most affected by the coming changes and is currently hosting a free GHS Webinar series for anyone interested in learning more about the impending regulatory changes.

The 30-minute presentation covers OSHA’s implementation of GHS (which differs from the way other countries have adopted GHS), as well as the three most prominent changes to the HCS — changes to chemical classification, safety data sheets and safety labels. The Webinar mirrors the presentations MSDSonline has given on GHS in the last year at national and regional safety conferences for groups like NSC, ASSE and VPPPA.

About MSDSonline
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