Top 10 Reasons to Thank a Safety Professional This Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day in this country when millions of families will sit down together to break bread and give thanks for the good things in their lives. At MSDSonline our hope is that this year, included in those thanks will be the thousands of safety professionals and human resource personnel who work tirelessly and often thanklessly to ensure workers make it home to their dinner table, not just for Thanksgiving, but every night.

At MSDSonline, we are privileged to witness the dedication, professionalism and the humanity of the safety community every day, and this year want to pay thanks with our:

Top 10 Reasons to Thank a Safety Professional

10: For taking gruff all year round and still not backing down when it comes to safety

9: For being willing to have the hard conversations with the boss and management with only your welfare in mind

8: For having the type of consistency politicians can only dream about

7: For making reflective vests and clip boards cool.

6: For making you wear your ______ even when it’s not convenient. (Fill in the blank: hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection, boots, gloves, respirator, hazmat suit)

5: For actually reading the safety standards so you don’t have to — and believe me you don’t want to

4: For holding the safety training that you’re going to gripe about all week but that is going to save your ass some day

3: For never letting budget cuts, time constraints or personal grievances ever be an excuse for doing things the right way

2: For always being the adult in the room.

1: For caring – truly caring – about your safety. It’s nice to know your Mama’s not the only one looking out for you.

If you can read this, thank your teacher for sure — but also thank the person at your work responsible for your safety. So to all of the safety managers/directors, EH&S directors, facility managers, operations and plant managers, risk managers, training managers, security, human resource and procurement professionals, everyone at MSDSonline says, “Thank you.”