OSHA Wants More Input on Proposed Changes to Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Standard

In July of this year, OSHA announced proposed changes to the Recordkeeping Standard that would require employers to report all in-patient hospitalizations within eight hours and all work-related amputations within 24 hours.  It also proposed updates to the way it determines partially exempt industries to the Recordkeeping Standard.

[Read more in June 2011 blog article Proposed OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Rule Would Force Employers to Report Amputations & All In-patient Hospitalizations]

Originally public comments were to be closed on September 20, 2011 but have now been extended through October 28, 2011. Anyone wishing to add their voice to the conversation can do so electronically at http://www.regulations.gov docket OSHA-2010-0019, or regulatory information number (RIN) 1218-AC50. Instructions for submitting comments via fax and mail can be found in the proposed rule.

One frustration MSDSonline has heard from various OSHA officials in the last year has been around the lack of participation on regulatory issues from a broad spectrum of participants. The agency has been vocal in asking for a range of opinions from small to large businesses as well as from a geographically diverse array of businesses.

That OSHA has extended its public comment window could mean they have not received the diversity of opinion it is looking for on the issue or perhaps it is a nod to the politically charged atmosphere in Washington D.C. around federal regulations.

Either way, those stakeholders that weigh in now may find their voice is amplified in this conversation.