Electrical Safety – Safety Training Thursday

OSHA issued a hazard alert this week regarding dangers related to incorrectly built circuit breakers. According to the press release, certain Eaton/Cutler-Hammer circuit breakers were incorrectly rebuilt by a third party and the alterations can cause the circuit breakers to malfunction. The model numbers in question are E2K and E2KM.

According to the warning the “rebuilt circuit breakers have incorrect voltage ratings on the covers. Because the covers do not meet manufacturer's specifications, they may lack proper safety features such as grounding and fault protection to prevent electrical shock, burns and fires. Since the potential for worker injury from breaker failure exists, employers must remove this equipment from service.”

Businesses with circuit breakers matching the above description are instructed to have a qualified person shut off power to the breakers and to replace the defective breaker.

Electrical safety is a crucial component of a safe work environment and MSDSonline has online training that can help ensure your employees practice good electrical safety.

Course Coverage
Electrical Safety provides training on the general electrically-related safety practices as required by 29 CFR1910.331 through 29 CFR1910.335 pertaining to job assignments that may involve working with electrical equipment or being exposed to live electrical wiring or devices. It is not intended to provide the depth of coverage required for qualified electrical workers.

Training Options
Call 1.888.362.2007, or visit Workplace Safety Training for information about our on-demand training offering, including a list of available courses. If you’re interested in an option that does not require all employees to be present at the same time, you can take a pass on a classroom style format and consider an online solution.