MSDS Authoring for GHS Compliance: September Deadline Approaches

OSHA is preparing to publish a final rule aligning the Hazard Communication Standard with GHS. Once adopted, chemical manufacturers, importers and distributors will need to reclassify their hazardous chemicals to conform to GHS definitions.

Additionally, they will have to produce new MSDSs and labels to reflect the reclassification and conform to the GHS compliant safety data sheet format. Earlier this month, OSHA announced its plans to publish the final rule in September.

The Global Harmonization System (GHS) is a world-wide standardized approach to chemical hazard communication. Supported by the United Nations and regulatory agencies around the globe, including OSHA, GHS can be summarized into three main components:

  • Standardized hazard definitions and symbols
  • Standardized MSDS format and content
  • Standardized hazard warnings and symbols on container labels

Countries that adopt GHS usually create new compliance obligations for their organizations or businesses that manufacture, import, store or distribute chemical products. This would hold true for the United States when alignment happens.

Under GHS, safety data sheets are called SDSs and have a strict ordering of its 16 sections. So even if there are little to no changes in the classification of said chemicals, a new SDS will almost certainly be necessary. With OSHA’s adoption of GHS on the horizon (the agency has said it expects to publish a final rule in September) the rush is on for many companies to begin authoring GHS compliant SDSs.

According to OSHA Hazard Communication requirements (29 CFR– 1910.1200), you are required to review all known physical and health hazards of the chemicals you produce or import to determine if they are hazardous. Your organization is required to have a process for collecting and assessing this information, and in turn generating safety data sheets for these chemical products. Once written, the safety data sheets must be made available to every downstream user, including your employees, distributors and customers.


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