New MSDS / Chemical Management and Regulatory Cross-Referencing Solution a Game Changer

MSDSonline Puts OSHA and WHMIS Compliance and Sustainability in Reach for Businesses of All Sizes

CHICAGO (July 8, 2011) — MSDSonline, the leading developer of on-demand (SaaS) EH&S compliance management solutions, today announced the availability of its new hazardous chemical inventory management and regulatory cross-referencing solution, the HQ RegXR Account.

HQ RegXR starts with the MSDS and chemical management tools found in MSDSonline’s popular HQ Account and adds to it a sophisticated regulatory cross-referencing engine that automatically identifies products and ingredients that are regulated on various state, federal and international hazardous substance lists. Used in conjunction with the platform’s chemical inventory management tools, safety professionals have a powerful, all-encompassing system to:

• Better understand the material composition of the products they use
• Simplify their environmental and regulatory compliance reporting requirements
• Move toward using sustainable and renewable raw materials

“Compliance in today’s regulatory environment requires accounting for and reporting on hazardous chemicals against a growing list of local, state, federal and international standards,” said Mike Flynn, MSDSonline’s vice president of product development. “Our HQ RegXR account allows companies to easily and affordably understand the chemicals they use on an ingredient level and check those ingredients against various regulatory lists.”

According to OSHA, more than 5 million facilities in North America handle hazardous chemicals. Understandably, with the mounting pressure to move toward sustainable products and processes, many of those facilities are looking for ways to reduce their hazardous chemical footprint. According to Flynn, the first step towards sustainability is understanding the composition of the chemicals already in use. In that way, the HQ RegXR solution facilitates the move toward more sustainable and renewable raw materials.

“Every day we get calls from businesses asking if we can help them “green” their chemical supply chain,” said Glenn Trout, president of MSDSonline. “With our HQ RegXR product, the answer is an emphatic yes. Sustainability is something every business should be looking at – and not just around chemicals. Cloud computing changes everything. Our suite of on-demand solutions can help businesses manage many critical safety tasks in an efficient and cost effective way.”

Key Features and Benefits of the Improved HQ RegXR Account Include:

• 24/7 Access to Industry Leading Database of Safety Data Sheets
• Multi-Level (Customizable) MSDS Location Assignment
• Standard & Custom Container Label Printing (OSHA, WHMIS, GHS)
• Employee Right-to-Know MSDS Search Interface (Multi-Language)
• Detailed Chemical Container Tracking/Unit of Measure Conversion
• Banned Chemical Flagging & Management
• Automated Cross Referencing of EHS Chemicals/Flagging of Exceeded Thresholds
• Generation of Submittable Tier II Form and EPCRA TRI (Toxic Release Inventory) Form R Worksheet
• Cross Reference Product Ingredients to Federal, State and Global Regulatory lists
• Exportable Product Cross Reference Reports

About MSDSonline
Founded in 1996 and based in Chicago, MSDSonline is a leading provider of cloud-based EH&S compliance solutions, offering products and services for managing safety data sheets, reporting workplace incidents, training employees and administering other critical EH&S information.  The company’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions that help customers improve employee safety, streamline compliance recordkeeping and reduce potential exposures to workplace hazards and risks. MSDSonline has been recognized for the last six years on Inc. magazine’s list of America’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies. More information is available online at and on the official company blog at MSDSonline is an ICG (Nasdaq: ICGE) company.

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