Chemical Inventory and Regulatory Reporting — Fear No More

Regulatory and chemical inventory reporting; just reading those words can bring about feelings of angst for many, but a solution that’s sure to ease your concern is here. We understand that being an EH&S professional is a multifaceted role with responsibilities ranging from training employees and ordering PPE to overseeing your company’s sustainability efforts and managing its hazardous chemical inventory.

In our new chemical management platform we provide you with new and enhanced inventory management and regulatory reporting functions that will help you meet some of your most challenging demands. Among the reporting solutions available, is the ability for companies covered by EPCRA to generate their required annual Tier II reports. The platform’s new and enhanced reporting functions help facilitate your efforts in meeting critical chemical inventory and regulatory reporting requirements, so that you can keep your employees safe and your business compliant while operating without downtime.

Simple Solution for Managing Your Complex Compliance Requirements
Our completely updated reports easily identify which chemicals in your inventory are active, expired, are in quantities that exceed custom thresholds set by you, or standard thresholds set by various regulatory agencies, as well as identify which products and ingredients are candidates for Tier II and SARA 313 reporting. 

Our new reports eliminate the need for you to tackle time-consuming and complex chemical quantity calculations, reducing your time spent preparing regulatory reports and allowing you to easily see at the container-level where potentially hazardous chemical ingredients exist in your inventory.

Having better insight into your company’s complete hazardous chemical profile means you can begin proactively selecting safer and more environmentally-friendly product alternatives, keeping your employees protected from potentially dangerous chemical exposures and putting your company on the path to sustainability.

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