MSDS Search Functionality Gets Simpler, Faster and Smarter!

Recently we announced the expansion of our MSDS management platform, which now incorporates a complete suite of chemical management and regulatory compliance capabilities. In celebration, this month, EH&S Blog will continue to share information about this revolutionary system and provide feature highlights along the way.

Today we're highlighting significant improvements to our Search functionality, which we believe will dramatically increase your productivity around building and maintaining a compliant hazardous chemical/MSDS inventory.

Many of you have been asking for a cleaner and easier search experience. We’re responding by enhancing our search engine to be:

  • SIMPLER – We’ve consolidated search into a single input field for any indexed data. Whether you’re searching the MSDSonline database or your specific eBinder, this will eliminate the need for pre-search filtering. Just enter your search term(s) and you’re good to go.
  • FASTER – We’ve enhanced our Search Suggest feature to help you quickly forage through the millions of documents in our database, as well as the documents in your eBinder. As you enter your search terms, our search engine will quickly suggest possible matches to get you to the most current and relevant product information on the first search.
  • SMARTER – We’ve added post-search narrow boxes to help you drill down within your results to specific manufacturers, revision dates and languages. Within your eBinder this becomes a valuable tool for you to also search and sort your inventory based on any indexed criteria you deem important for your business (i.e. PPE, Hazard Information, Ingredients, etc.)

All of these Search function improvements allow you to retrieve the most current chemical information more quickly, and of course, help you meet the demands of HCS requirements. You get critical hazardous chemical information at your fingertips, right when you need it.

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