June 2011 is National Safety Month

The National Safety Council has announced its schedule for National Safety Month 2011. As with past years, each week has its own theme, focusing on one critical safety issue. This year the theme for Safety Month is Journey to Safety Excellence and it features two weeks dedicated to driving safety, one week to slips, trips and falls, and a week to overexertion. National Safety Month is also a great time to make sure your MSDS libraries are in compliance.

The National Safety Month themes are as follows:

Week 1 – Summertime Safety

Week 2 – Preventing Overexertion

Week 3 – Teen Driving Safety

Week 4 – Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

Week 5 – On the Road, Off the Phone

Don't forget to download NSC Safety Month Materials.

In a fun off shoot of the Journey to Safety theme, the National Safety Council is also promoting a safety fundraiser, Jeans for the Journey – whereby employees of participating companies can donate to NSC in exchange for a coupon allowing them to dress casually for a day.  Safety is important in every workplace, be sure your MSDS information is up to date and enjoy this June.