Safety in the Workplace Starts with HR

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If there’s one thing safety professional seem to agree on, it’s that safety starts with people. Good employees making good choices on the job is the most important component of any safety program, and that makes finding and hiring good employees a critical task.

When the Bureau of Labor Statistics comes out with its yearly round up of injury, illness and fatality rates, a big deal is often made about how much human error factored into the numbers. A reoccurring discussion has centered on whether high incident rates are really about the people or the systems they work in.

Either way, people are a big part of the equation – it’s people who design the systems and people who have to make vital decisions throughout the workday within those systems – so getting the best people is crucial to getting the best results.

At MSDSonline, we pride ourselves on the quality of our people; our HR department consistently identifies great hires from large pools of candidates and we’ve even won awards for being a great place to work (which is really a bi-product of our personnel), so for this edition of the Safety On-Demand podcast we decided to look inward and find out what lessons we could learn from our resident experts, Rachel Kaiser, HR Manager and Natalie Lynch Director of Recruiting.

In our discussion Rachel and Natalie provide some great tips for people tasked with hiring as well as great advice for job seekers (and not just at MSDSonline).

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