OSHA Targeting Federal Agencies with High Lost Time Cases

OSHA announced that in 2011 it will once again be investigating federal worksites with an unusually high number of lost time cases.

Under the auspices of the Federal Agency Targeting Inspection Program (FEDTARG), "OSHA will inspect all establishments reporting 100 or more lost time cases (LTCs) during FY 2010; 50 percent of those establishments reporting 50 to 99 LTCs; and 10 percent of those reporting 20 to 49 LTCs."

Started in 2008, based upon the recommendation of a Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit, the inspection program supports an Executive Order that charges OSHA with conducting inspections of agency workplaces in response to unsafe working conditions.

Changes to the 2011 campaign include:

  1. An added definition for Lost Time Case
  2. Recordkeeping violation policy update
  3. Guidance for inspection of federal worksites with multiple operations

Going forward, a Lost Time Case is defined as "a worker's compensation case reported to the OWCP wherein an employee looses time from work beyond the date of the injury."

Under the category of Recordkeeping Violations FEDTARG11 states, "Whenever the CSHO identifies OSHA recordkeeping violations, OSHA will propose the appropriate notices and provide supporting documentation, in accord with the policies and procedures found in CPL 02-00-135 and CPL 02-00-148* or successors."

Regarding inspection of federal worksites, FEDTARG11 provides the following guidance

"A Federal agency establishment can house multiple operations, such as may exist at a Federal Correctional Complex (FCC). A FCC can include multiple Bureau of Prisons institutions at one location, such as a high security prison with other lower security institutions [such as a single or multiple UNICOR facility(ies)]. Therefore, if a CSHO arrives at an establishment and discovers multiple operations present at the Federal agency, the CSHO will need to review the injury and illness logs to identify a limited number of the establishment's physical locations experiencing LTCs. The Area Director will determine the appropriate number and location of on-site inspections necessary to adequately address the safety and health issues, but at least one site must be inspected. If the Area Director determines that more than one location needs to be inspected, the sites may be chosen either randomly or based on the highest number of LTCs."