Distracted Driving: What Your Company Needs to Know

National Safe Driving Week recently passed and to celebrate MSDSonline  interviewed Carey Cox from the Center For Transportation Safety, PHH for our Safety On-Demand Podcast. Carey, a retired state trooper from Colorado, has investigated thousands of crashes and now spends his time as an instructor, training everyone from teens to CEO’s on the tenants of safe driving.

[This podcast is unavailable at this time. Please check back soon to listen to this episode.]

In this edition of the Safety On-Demand Podcast, Carey explains what companies should do to protect their employees and their bottom line (if you think distracted driving can’t hurt your company – think again). He also explains why he thinks distracted driving (e.g. talking on the phone, texting) is going to get worse before it gets better.

For more safe driving tips, check out our blog post on the safe driving initiative OSHA and the DOT launched this Fall.

- The MSDSonline Team -