OSHA’s Thomas Galassi Talks Hazard Communication Violations

Thomas Galassi, OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs announced the Top OSHA Violations of 2010 at the National Safety Council’s Congress and Expo. After the presentation, MSDSonline had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Galassi about the list – specifically Hazard Communication violations, which retained it’s top 3 ranking from 2009.

When asked why HazCom violations remain so high, Mr. Galassi points to HazCom’s relevancy across industries and the relative ease of  enforcement, saying, “[HazCom] Violations are very observable, you don’t see a label, don’t see an MSDS, you don’t have to sample for it, don’t have to go to a lab.”Galassi’s words should serve as a warning for every company that employs hazardous chemicals and materials, finding violations to the HCS standard is easy and is likely to be a top OSHA violation for 2011.