The Wrong Stuff – A Blog About Being Wrong is ‘Oh, So Right’

Kathryn Schulz has written a wonderful book and created a fascinating blog (The Wrong Stuff) about being wrong. On her blog, Schulz interviews people renown for their successes about the biggest mistakes they've made. For her latest installment, she interviews former NASA astronaut James Bagian, an expert on safety.

Bagian is currently director of the Veteran Administration's National Center for Patient Safety, charged with the "reduction and prevention of harmful medical mistakes at the VA's 153 hospitals." His interview is a must read for anyone responsible for safety in any industry.

Schulz's interview with Bagian is jammed packed with great perspectives on everything from changing a workplace culture to getting employees to report close calls (near misses). Bagian also takes on the use of scorecards to encourage safety and how to take responsibility when things go wrong.

Be warned, once you start reading this blog you will be hooked. There is something intoxicating about people honestly sharing their shortcomings; and if you're like me, you'll find it not only refreshing, but inspiring as well. If you like the Bagian interview, Schulz's additional interviews include: