Safety Training Thursday – OSHA Investigations & Inspections

As promised, OSHA is stepping up its investigations under Assistant Secretary Dr. Michaels and is taking measures to strengthen enforcement penalties. A clear example of the latter is the Protecting America's Workers Act (PAWA), a bill currently making its way through Congress that would not only substantially increase the fines employers face for employee injuries and fatalities, it would also open corporate officers up to criminal prosecution for willful violations of OSHA rules.

PAWA and OSHA's renewed commitment to enforcement provide strong incentives to employers to prepare for inspections and investigations and to ensure they are in compliance. This week's featured training course, OSHA Investigations & Inspections, can help!

Course Coverage
OSHA Investigations & Inspections covers how to prepare for and respond to an OSHA inspection starting with a strong safety and compliance program. Some of the many topics include: what actions can prompt inspections, what to expect in an inspection, how to respond to questions, how to provide documentation for review, your rights regarding confidential and proprietary information, steps in documenting the inspection, interviews of employees, hazard abatement expectations, responding to a citation, successful participation in informal conferences and settlement agreements, and others.

Training Options
Call 1.888.362.2007, or visit our Workplace Safety Training Web page for information about our on-demand training offering, including a list of available courses. If you’re interested in an option that does not require all employees to be present at the same time, you can take a pass on a classroom style format and consider an online solution.