Safety Training Thursday – Working in Extreme Temperatures

MSDSonline introduces a new segment entitled Safety Training Thursday. Every week we’ll spotlight a different training course that correlates to a current news event.

This week’s featured training course is: Working in Extreme Temperatures.

OSHA recently took some heat (pun intended) for saying it saw heat as the biggest risk to oil spill cleanup workers. Some people saw it as minimizing the dangers of chemical exposure. In testimony before a House committee, however, Dr. Micheals reported, “There have already been over 100 incidents of illnesses from heat among workers involved in the cleanup.”

As June gives way to July and temperatures increase, cleanup workers are not the only workers facing increased risks from extreme heat. You can help protect your employees by ensuring they have the tools and training they need to stay safe. We can help.

Course Coverage
MSDSonline’s course on working in extreme temperatures provides training in identifying and avoiding hazards related to extreme temperature exposure on the job, including: recognizing symptoms of heat and cold-related illnesses, factors that affect the body’s ability to withstand temperature extremes, steps to reduce the risk of illness or injury, first aid measures for heat and cold-related illnesses, and precautions regarding to use of PPE in extreme temperature environments.

Training Options
Call 1.888.362.2007, or visit our Workplace Safety Training Web page for information about our on-demand training offering, including a list of available courses. If you’re interested in an option that does not require all employees to be present at the same time, you can take a pass on a classroom style format and consider an online solution.

For a few quick tips on beating the heat, check out our blog article on working in extreme temperatures.