Waste NOT with WasteWise

If you want to do more to reduce and recycle your company’s waste products, consider joining the more than 2000 other environmentally-conscious organizations and participate in the EPA’s voluntary WasteWise program. WasteWise has been around since 1994 and since that time, its partners have reported reducing more than 120 million tons of waste.

The program’s focus is on solid municipal waste and certain industrial wastes. Examples of municipal waste materials are: office paper, corrugated containers and yard waste—the stuff that can either end up in your trash cans or your customers’. Examples of industrial wastes covered in the program are: non-hazardous batteries, coal combustion products and non-hazardous ink.

Companies of all sizes and from all industries are welcome join. As long as you can measure and report your company’s waste output, you’re eligible to participate. And not only will your efforts as a WasteWise partner help the environment, but they can also help your bottom line. One of the member benefits includes reduced purchasing and waste disposal costs.

So, if you’re interested in joining or learning more, check out the WasteWise Web site.